[GUIDE] [RAW Firmware] [RE-LOCK] Convert CN to->WW or WW to->CN Rom

Hey Guys,
After seeing a lot of users falling in trouble by flashing the 21 files to convert Chinese Tencent Games Rom to WW (International) Rom -
(It's actually by users fault for falling in trouble as many ignored or forgot the Bootloader unlock step)
I thought I'll attempt convert mine too, But as intended or done by the official Means.

ASUS ROG Phone 3 tiếp tục đạt thêm một chứng nhận khác

What's Missing from Asus Web-page Firmware

So after a bit of reading into Asus and ROG History, and thanks to the guidance by yakapa40 posted over here, I have learned the following.
* On the Asus Webpage, The Firmware provided by Asus are only for Official OTA Updates.
* These firmware does not include a recovery partition which is mandatory for a clean flash.
* By forcefully flashing these firmware, You can boot the device - but you cannot change the recovery (Boot Image Fingerprint will always remain what was on the device)
* Negatives of this is that you cannot Re-Lock the bootloader, Causing SafetyNet to fail where GooglePay and certain banking apps will fail top open on your device.

Where Things Went Wrong

* Many users followed the 21 File Flash method to convert their Chinese Tencent Games Devices to WW (International) Firmware. This flashed the IMG files via Fastboot to the device, Partition by Partition
* Many Succeeded while a few got into bootloops - Majorly caused by not unlocking teh bootloader
* Asus Bootloader so far cannot be unlocked in Fastboot - You need to boot to Rom and use their official APK to unlock the bootloader

How to actually convert the CN Device to WW (International) Rom by clean official means

* So Asus has a different set of firmwares known as RAW Firmware which includes all partitions of the rom. These are not freely available, and only available in ASUS Service Centers.
* Flashing a Raw firmware completely overrites all partitions successfully converting the device to the edition of the Zip you obtained
* Currently I have only WW - 16.0622.1906.19_M3.13.33.20-1.1.93 Version which is the latest for WW at the time of typing this article.

Actual Guide

Remember, You're on your own from here. Follow the steps carefully, and patiently. If something breaks or blows up - You're on your own.

- This guide only applies to ASUS ROG II (SKU : ZS660KL)
* Ensure to log out from your Google Account Signed in on the device. If you forget this step, Later on, you'll be locked at first boot due to Google's FRP.
* Do not attempt this on x86/32bit operating systems. Some users have reported bricking issues due to RAW flasher not supporting 32bit Operating Systems.
* Download the WW (International ROM) file at the end of this post (This is if you're coming from CN Rom to International Rom)
* Extract all contents as is to your C: Drive
* (Refer to attached image for the file list)
* Connect the Phone to the PC in Fastboot Mode - Using the Black Type-C Port on the Side of the Device (Not the Charging port on the bottom)

- ROG 2 Fastboot Method
* Power off the device completely.
* Press and Hold Volume-Up Key
* Press the Power key for 2 seconds and release it while continuing to hold the Volume-Up Key
* You will be in a Menu with multiple options such as Recovery, Reboot.. This is the Fastboot Mode.

* After connecting via Fastboot Mode, Navigate to the Firmware extracted folder
* Double-Click and Run flashall_AFT.cmd - A Dos Command window will open and show some information
* Leave your PC for 5 - 10 Mins, Even if nothing moves in the command window - This is normal - It will not show any progress bar. It will just say completed after done, and the device will restart itself.
* After restarting, It is important to do a Factory Wipe. Come back to Fastboot Mode, Switch through volume keys and select Recovery Mode - Then Select Wipe/Data Factory Reset.

Already attempted the 21 File Method and now bricked?
* If you are currently bricked, You can use the above flash guide to recover from it

DOWNLOAD Firmware Files from Here

WW (International ROM)
Latest Version - WW_ZS660KL_16.0631.1910.64
Link 1 (MEGA)

CN (Chinese Tencent Games ROM) - Only for Users who are on WW Rom now and wants to go back to CN ROM
For converting from CN to WW - You do not need the below file. Just the WW file on top is enough.
Latest Version - CN_ZS660KL_16.0631.1910.5
Link 1 (MEGA) | | Link 2 (MEGA) |

Relocking Bootloader

* Thanks to our respondent pd0200426 We can now safely re-lock the bootloader.
* WARNING : This needs to be done "ONLY" right after a Stock Rom Raw flash. Attempting to lock at any other condition might brick your device.

How To:
* Turn off Device and Boot into Fastboot Mode
* From Windows CMD - Type

Code:fastboot oem asus-csc_lk

* Reboot the Device.
* If it shows some error, Reboot to Fastboot, Then Recovery and Wipe/Factory Reset the Rom.
* Re-Locking Bootloader restores your Widevine DRM back to L1. (Screenshot Attached for reference)

Other Helpful Links / Guides
* Google ADB USB Drivers (Download from developer.android)
* Installing ADB and Fastboot Easily, The official Method - Article from Lifehacker
* Getting Root Access on the Device - Article from XDA
* Help XDA Member acervenky - To Test The first Custom Kernel
* Our own Reddit Community - r/ROGphone2/

What's Next

* We are not receving any OTA currently on the WW Rom as explained here. Help us find the missing link. [DONE - Thread UPDATED]
- Follow this link to change Device fingerprint from CN to WW
* We currently have only a WW Rom, I intend to find and share a CN Firmware as well so that if WW Users want to go back to CN, We can do that too. [Bought the Rom - Thanks to a Donator who shared the amount for the Rom]
* Relock the Bootloader - Since ASUS does not have a fastboot command to lock or relock, We need to find a method to cleanly lock it back. [DONE - Thread UPDATED]

Thank you and Good Luck!
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