Giới thiệu hệ thống Godhood Artifacts trong Astral Chronicles

To attain ultimate power, Travelers must unlock the hidden potential of the Godhood artifacts and use them wisely against their foes.

Giới thiệu hệ thống Astral Conquest trong Astral Chronicles ...

Unleash Powerful Abilities

Each Godhood artifact contains the power of a God, only by mastering its power can players hope to reach their full potential and unleash devastating abilities on the battlefield.

Enhancing Godhood Artifacts

With the Enhance button now featuring a new Godhood option, players have the ability to push their teams to new extremes.

Activating Godhood nodes requires the following resources available in Astral Conquest, as well as in the Space-Time Exchange Store: Godhood Crystals, Truth of Healing/Time/Mind, Faith Power.

3 Godhoods are available to equip, each with their own unique bonuses and special abilities.

Healing Godhood

The power of Lars grants the following key abilities: Healing: Healing received +10%, Chanter ATK +40. Tenacity: HP & Anti-Crit +10%, Guardian HP+600. Fire Buff: Fire skill damage +10%, Hit +10%. Light Buff: Light skill damage +10%, Hit +10%. Protection: When HP<50%, gain a 15% Max HP shield. Godhood Skill: Summon the Saint Angel of Lars to continuously Heal allies while dealing Light damage to all enemies.Additional effect Lv3The Angel grants all allies +40% DEF and Anti-Crit.Additional effect Lv5Damage dealt +10%, healing received +25% for 5 secs.

Time Godhood

The power of the Shadow Witch grants the following key abilities: Ferocity: ATK +40, Crit +30. Water: HP +400. After using water skill, damage taken -10% for 5 secs. Water Buff: Water skill damage +10%, Hit +10%. Thunder Buff: Thunder skill damage +10%, Hit +10%. Primary RES: Damage taken -10%, +10% chance to resist debuffs. Godhood Skill: The Shadow Witch manifests through the Time Rift dealing water damage to all enemies and instantly killing minions with <30% HP remaining.Additional effect Lv3The Shadow Witch further deals 300% Thunder damage to enemies.Additional effect Lv5Monsters killed by the Shadow Witch will deal an additional 60% Water damage to nearby enemies.

Mind Godhood

The power of the Envy Monarch grants the following key abilities: Ferocity: ATK +40, Crit damage +30%. Crit: HP +300, damage taken -5%. Thunder Buff: Thunder skill damage +10%, Hit +10%. Dark Buff: Dark skill damage +10%, Hit +10%. Debuff: +15% damage vs silenced, weakend, cursed, or pierced targets. Godhood Skill: The Envy Monarch reveals his true form, silencing all enemies with Mind Control while dealing Thunder damage.Additional effect Lv3The Envy Monarch increases all Allied Thunder skill damage by 25% for 8 secs.Additional effect Lv5Allied Thunder skill Cooldown -80% & Crit +25% for 8 secs.

Equipping the GodhoodEach character can equip the Godhood of their choice from the Party screen. The Godhood artifact you equip to each character will affect their stats and abilities in battle so choose carefully based on their role within your team.

The Godhood Skill which summons the respective God to fight alongside you in battle is a party-wide effect which must be selected independently of the individual character artifacts.

Tips & Tricks-Godhood ultimate skills are set party-wide rather than individually.-Equip your allies with a Godhood suitable for their role on your team.-The Godhood equip screen is below the EXP Bottle on the Party screen.-The Godhood enhance screen is reached via the Enhance button.-Be sure to play Astral Conquest to upgrade your Godhood artifacts efficiently.


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