Pokémon Nobelium

Here is a trailer for Pokémon Nobelium. It has footage of gameplay and a general look at the story without spoilers/Xem trailer và game play ở link dưới các bạn nhé

Geography/Lịch sử:
Due to it's territorial extent over a large amount of land, Aloma is divided into two parts, Upper and Lower Aloma. Lower Aloma has the reputation of a mountainous and rough terrain, whereas Upper Aloma is favorable because of its relative flatness.

Là một phần lãnh thổ rộng lớn, Aloma được chia làm 2 phần. Upper và Lower Aloma. Lower Aloma nổi tiếng với những dãy núi và địa hình phức tạp, trong khi đó Upper Aloma được biết đến với địa hình bằng phẳng

A variety of Pokémon have migrated from several other regions to make their habitat in Aloma. Depending on the type of Pokémon, their home may be in Upper or Lower Aloma. There are also a small amount of powerful Pokémon that are suspected to roam all over Aloma.

The Pokémon League:
Aloma's Pokémon League governs all parts of Aloma kindly. Citizens are free to do what they wish, so long as it is not harmful to other people. People sometimes criticize Aloma's government for being too lenient. Many of Aloma's major cities have a Gym Leader that see over their areas and also take challenges from trainers who desire to test their strength. Aloma has sixteen Gym Leaders total for Upper and Lower Aloma.


The Origin:
You live with your mother in the small quiet town of Waterloo. Your father, a famous and powerful trainer, went missing after going on an international expedition. With the help of Professor Bartek, you continue your family's legacy and begin a quest in Aloma to develop the skills of a Pokémon trainer.

The Journey:
Departing Waterloo with your best friends, Leon and Tsu, you will embark on a journey around Aloma. You will encounter different types and species of Pokémon and face a variety of strong Gym Leaders. Along your travels, you will witness first-hand some dark sides that plague Aloma and the controversies created by the Aloma League, all while you, Leon, and Tsu compete with each other.

The Significance:
As a player, you will find yourself buried in mysteries as you progress on your adventure. Some examples of that being an unexpected redemption arc for a franchise-favorite character and aiding Aloma officials in an investigation into the elusive Team Venom.



Pokémon Nobelium is a host of many features, both fan-favorites from the Pokémon franchise as well as original features.

  • RichTech - A device that the player may use to access the town map, monitor Pokémon in the Day Care, and more
  • The Aloma Region - Explore and discover beautiful maps in the extensive region
  • Pokémon World Tournament - Battle famous trainers from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and more
  • Custom PokéDex - There are a variety of amazing Pokémon to be caught
  • Reasonable Level Curve - Don't waste so many hours grinding your team
  • Elaborate Plot - Enjoy the complexity of this game's surprising story and all the twists it has to offer
  • Legendary/Mythical Encounters - Discover an assortment of rare Pokémon

Download Pokémon Nobelium v1.7!

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