Song of Broken Pines - Weapon Guide Genshin Impact

A limited five-star weapon that is available in version 3.8 Epitome Invocation Weapon Banner will be available until July 25, 2023. Here is the description as well as other information regarding this weapon.

It is a greatsword as light as the sigh of grass in the breeze, yet as merciless to the corrupt as typhoon.


There was once a popular folk song that went like this:

"Toss to the bard all the coins you can spare,"
"Give your bouquet to yon maiden so fair,"
"Take wine so bitter it makes the tears flow,"
"Drink to the yesterday now been and gone, and sing for tomorrow that comes with the dawn."

The people have merry yet sensitive souls in the land where songs and music carry on the wind.

It is said that there were times in history when the tyrant Decarabian and the ruling aristocrats would ban certain chords and tunes,
Discerning people could sense the spirit of resistance that lay behind the music of the bards and singers.
Songs and hymns had also indeed been used before as a way for rebels to communicate.
In the days of the ruling aristocracy, the Church that revered the Anemo Archon was once split in twain by a schism:
On one side stood the clergy, who ate at the lords' table, and overturned the archon's statues with them even as they wrote songs and hymns of praise.
On the other stood the saints, who held no clerical office and walked the streets, the wine cellars, and the world beyond the walls.
These saints drank cheap moonshine, blessing the slave and the plebeian with the original holy manuscripts that circulated amongst the people and with words that the wind brought to them.
And while they did so, they penned forbidden songs and poetry.
When the gladiator from a foreign land arose together with the re-awakened Anemo Archon and raised the banner of rebellion,
The aged saint known as the Nameless Shepherd mobilized the true adherents of the Church of Favonius.
They spilled their martyred blood upon these emerald fields with many others.
And together, they sang a rallying cry to save the nation, the hitherto-unsung half of that folk song of old:
"Leave the keen steel to those who will give their lives for the fight,"
"Prepare the thieves' gallows,"
"Sharpen your rusted arrows,"
"For when the music sounds, we shoot the beasts down."

Weapon Details

*The Hilichurl Materials needed are 15, 23, and 27

This weapon is remarkably one of the best five-star claymore in the game due to its high base ATK and a great substate for Physical DPS users. As of this writing, this weapon is the highest Base ATK in the game, marking 741. Its passive is the same among the Millenium Movement Series of weapons, where there is an increase of their ATK and a chance to stack up Sigils of Whispers.

As of version 3.8, the characters can use this weapon are as follows:

Eula Lawrence

This is the weapon that is tailored to her. Her signature weapon synergizes well with its high ATK% and Physical DMG substate. Its passive ability is helpful to her, increasing her on achieving more Lightfall stacks to create much higher damage output. Its team-wide buff makes it a viable weapon especially when you pair her with Bennett.


This is a great weapon for her if you plan to use Xinyan as your Main Physical DPS. Its high base ATK and Physical DMG Bonus sub stat makes it a hefty stat stick for her. Once fully stacked, it can provide an additional 20% ATK buff to the entire team, making it one of the best five-star claymores you can invest in.


Razor is one of the earlier DPS that most Genshin players used in the game's earlier days. It provides a team-wide buff but it is a reliable proc condition. Outside of Physical DPS, you can use this weapon when you put Razor in Aggravate team compositions.
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